Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hitman' Dan gives in-depth look at his lawsuit against TapouT

As one of the first businesses in the market, Hitman Fight Gear was a pioneering brand for Mixed Martial Arts apparel. Hitman Fight Gear created and run by Dan Diaz was one the first brands to support mixed martial arts and helped grow the sport along with TapouT. In 2008, TapouT bought the business and together grew the brand internationally.
Shortly after TapouT was bought by Authentics Brand Group, the Hitman Brand disappeared and it's owner, Dan Diaz, moved on to new roles in the space.
Today we learn the split with TapouT may not have been so amicable and Diaz has filed a suit against TapouT amongst other parties. Some details of which below, and all of which were made publicly available by Diaz
"For instance, Kreiner spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on “design services” for his own personal office, and for Caldwell’s office at TapouT, when the actual cost of the design services should have been a fraction of the cost charged to and paid by TapouT and FI. Similarly, Kreiner caused TapouT and/or FI to pay more than $1,348,254 in 2009, and more than $511,913 in 2010 to Gallinot or GE in the form of “consulting fees” and/or “bonuses,”"
"Among many other examples, Kreiner has systematically engaged in a campaign of accepting (indeed, demanding) bribes from vendors of both TapouT and FI; the cost of which Kreiner and the other TapouT Defendants have unlawfully foisted onto FI. As examples, Kreiner has caused vendors of FI to give Kreiner lavish gifts (including a new Mercedes and Rolex watches) in exchange for vendor contracts with FI and TapouT at costs well over market rate. For instance, Kreiner, acting on behalf of FI and/or TapouT, would demand a particular vendor provide him with a lavish gift, in exchange for which Kreiner would then sign contracts on behalf of FI and TapouT pursuant to which those entities would pay inflated prices to those vendors for goods and services rendered to FI and TapouT. In some cases a vendor might receive as high as one dollar per t-shirt furnished which – over the life of a contract – might pay the vendor hundreds of thousands of dollars as a “kickback” to the vendor for providing Kreiner with demanded gifts. The foregoing kickback schemes were designed to line Kreiner’s pockets at the expense of TapouT and FI and these entities’ respective owners, including Diaz. Diaz suffered damages as a result of this conduct."
Props: Chris Palmquist

There is a lot of behind the scenes backstabbing in this business and we all know that but for me personally I have never been a fan of TapouT Clothing.....I did like what they did for the fighters in it`s infancy but once money comes into play people change and so does their appearance....For example Why do Fake ass Black and grey looking Tattoos? One minute you are guarding these Prisoners the next you want to look like one? Whether all this is true....(I believe TapouT died when Mask died) There are vultures....there are scum.....and TapouT has their share of them. ~ Kingie

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