Friday, January 2, 2015

Dana White confirms Robbie Lawler-Johny Hendricks trilogy fight

Rory MacDonald was supposed to get the next welterweight title shot, but the UFC officially confirmed today they opted for the third fight between Hendricks & Lawler: UFC president Dana White confirmed the news Thursday with reporters at the MGM Grand. "We just feel like the trilogy makes sense," White said. "Do the third fight between these two." Montreal's Rory MacDonald had been initially promised the next shot at the welterweight title, but between the razor-thin margin in the two Lawler-Hendricks fights and the fact Lawler and MacDonald have already fought, White feels the trilogy fight was the best way to go at this time. "Robbie and Rory just fought," White said of a UFC 181 won by Lawler via split decision.