Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ross Pearson Feels At Featherweight He Is One Of “The Biggest, Strongest, Nastiest Guys” In The Division

It’s coming up on three years since British striker Ross ‘The Real Deal’ Pearson (13-5) won season nine of “The Ultimate Fighter” as a lightweight. Fighting at 155-lbs, Pearson has put together a 4-2 record, but is only 1-2 in his last three bouts competing in the lightweight division.
For the former bricklayer decided that a move down to 145-lbs was in store for him, telling recently that at featherweight he feels that he is one of “the biggest, strongest, nastiest guy in there.”
Pearson made his debut at featherweight last December at UFC 141, earning a unanimous decision versus a returning Junior Assunção at the Las Vegas event.
After getting that first fight out of the way, ‘The Real Deal’ is ready to move onto some tougher competition and hopefully a shot at Jose Aldo and the featherweight title.
“I always had it in the back of my head and wondered if I could make the weight and how I would perform. I’ll fight anyone; it’s just the way I am. I’ll fight at 145, 155, 170, it doesn’t matter to me what weight it is at. Making 145 lbs. was a challenge to me, personally. I performed well at that weight and I believe I can be a champion in that weight class. I believe I can be a champion at 155 pounds as well, but decision to drop down was about the progression and evolution of my career. I want to stay active and I need to keep progressing inside the cage.”
“One of the main reasons I decided to make a home at 145 lbs. is because I feel I’m one of the biggest, strongest, and most powerful guys in that division,” Pearson said. “There are a lot of guys at 155 lbs., whereas at featherweight it is wide open. I can fit right into the top of the division straight away. I’m a bad match-up for anyone there and I come to fight. At 145, I’m the biggest, strongest, nastiest guy in there.
“I think I match up great with Jose Aldo. I have just as good Muay Thai and boxing as he does. Maybe he has the edge in jiu-jitsu and wrestling, but that is what the sport is all about. Going out there and putting on exciting fights. I guarantee no one else will stand in his face and fight him the way I will. No one in this division will stand and throw down with Aldo, but I will. I respect him as a fighter and he’s doing great things for this division, but I believe I’m the next one in that spot and would love the opportunity to prove it.”