Thursday, February 23, 2012

Melvin Guillard Really, Really Hopes Joe Lauzon Loses This Weekend

UFC lightweight Melvin ‘The Young Assassin’ Guillard (29-10, 1NC) is really hoping that Joe Lauzon loses to Anthony Pettis this weekend when those two square off in Japan at UFC 144. Both men squared off in October of last year at UFC 136, with Lauzon earning a big upset by submitting Guillard in 47-seconds.
Guillard surmises that if Lauzon does lose, he’ll get a rematch with the seven time “Fight Night” bonus winner.
Speaking to, Guillard is a little hot under the collar feeling that Lauzon has been disrespecting him in interviews, when he’s been “respectful” and handling the loss to Lauzon the “right way.”
“I’m sitting here and I’m being a good sport about my losses. The Jim Miller fight, Jim Miller had nothing bad to say, he said nothing but great things about me, he respected my skills and I respected his. For me, I feel disrespected because I’ve done nothing but talk Joe Lauzon up, even when a lot of interviews and fight analysts were still not giving him the credit that was due saying that 9 out of 10 times he would win that once, and I would win the other nine. So people were bashing him and it wasn’t even me, and I’m standing up for him saying that Joe Lauzon is a top competitor, he can be in the top five, top ten or whatever. Now he’s blasting out at me and I have not said anything bad towards Joe Lauzon…. ”
“In the 10 losses I have in my MMA career, I haven’t rematched anyone I’ve lost to. Not once, I’ve never really cared for rematches because I felt they won, now I’ll move on. Right now, I’m at the point where this fight means something to me, I have something to prove against Joe Lauzon, so this is a rematch I’m asking for,” said Guillard.
“Right now, I’m looking to watch the fights in Japan and I’m praying that he loses to (Anthony) Pettis because I want a rematch against Joe Lauzon. I don’t want to fight nobody next but Joe Lauzon,” Guillard said.
“I don’t even care how it goes, I just want to see Pettis win and I want an immediate rematch with Joe Lauzon. Hopefully, I can get that rematch by fourth of July in Vegas.”