Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Video – Watch the Trailer for this Weekend’s Muay Thai Premier League in Holland

Thai Premier League in Holland

The third event on the Muay Thai Premier League’s schedule is coming this Sunday at the Hague in Holland.
Coming of a huge win here in the U.S. versus the Czech Republic’s Martina Jindova in September, England’s Julie Kitchen is set to face Canadian Sandra Bastian. Baston lost a decision in her last match in Italy versus Brazil’s Tainara Lisboa a few weeks ago.
In the other match, Valentina Shevchencko, after getting a win over Angelique Pitiot at the Long Beach card, will face Ilona Wijams, who won her match a few weeks ago with Chantal Ughi in Italy.
No word on if the MPL will be streamed online for US audiences, but The Score in Canada will be airing the fights.

Watch the trailer below