Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rising Korean Featherweight Brian Choi Talks One FC Network

Brian Choi
special to by James Goyder
Fighters and fans are already starting to benefit from the formation of the ‘ONE FC Network’ which was announced yesterday. One December 3rd fight fans in Korea will see two fighters currently contracted to ONE FC, Brian Choi and, Vuyisile Colossa, make an appearance at Road FC 5
For Choi it will be a homecoming because he was born in Seoul but has not lived there for the last three years. He lives and trains at Evolve MMA in Singapore which is also home to Shinya Aoki and Rafael Dos Anjos and is rapidly developing a reputation as being the top fight team in Asia.
His record currently stands at 3-0 and he is up against another top 145lber in 5-2 Bae Young Kwon. It will be a fight for featherweight supremacy in Korea which should be witnessed by 7,000 fans at the Jangchung Gymnasium.
Choi is already been tipped to follow in the footsteps of Chan Sung Jung and make it into the UFC and he took time out from his training to talk to about returning to Korea and being part of the ‘ONE FC Network’. How excited are you to be fighting MMA in Korea?
Brian Choi: It’s every fighter’s dream to fight in there hometown in front of a huge crowd. I am beyond excited about this big event. Do you still follow the MMA scene in Korea closely? How much of an impact has Road FC had?
Yes, I do follow the MMA scene in Korea. Road FC is an upcoming promotion but in a short while they’ve become the biggest promotion in Korea. It’s great to have that type of event to showcase the talent that is coming out of Korea.
BC: How long is it since you moved to Singapore, will it be strange going back to fight?
I’ve been living and training in Singapore for 3 years now. I do not think it will be weird to fight in my hometown, I am excited to be there. Korean fans are great. I feel honored to represent Korea by being part of the best fight team, Evolve Fight Team. Will you have a lot of friends and family there or are you expecting your opponent to have a lot more support because he trains in Korea?
BC: I’m lucky to have my coaches and some of my teammates there to support me. My family and friends will definitely be there. I am not concerned with my opponents fans. I think all the Koreans will want to see a good fight and that’s what I have been training for. How grateful are you to One FC for allowing you to fight in your homeland even though you are under contract to them?
BC: I am very grateful for the opportunities One FC has given me as a fighter. They are a professional organization and I have full faith that my fight career will be well managed under them. Have you looked at any footage of Bae Young Kwon yet? Do you have a gameplan?
BC: I have not spent any time watching fight footage of my opponent. I’m a little superstitious like that.
My coaches have a game plan for me. Chatri and my training partners have been preparing me for this fight. I know what I have to do when I get into the ring. If you win this fight you will be very close to the top of the Korean 145 lbs rankings, behind Chan Sung-Jung (The Korean Zombie), is that something you are thinking about?
BC: The thought has crossed my mind but I am more focused on my upcoming fight against Bae Young Kwon. I am training hard each day so I will be ready for him. Do you know when your first fight for One FC will be?
BC: I don’t know yet. I am a ONE FC fighter, but I have not been told about my first fight on ONE FC yet. What did you think of the first One FC show?
BC: I was amazed by it. I’ve never seen an MMA event like that in Asia. I was very proud of my team mates.
The Evolve Fighters put on some great fights. The support and interest from the fans made the event a huge success. I am excited to fight in the upcoming One FC events. Can you tell us a bit about the training at Evolve MMA? Who do you train with and how often do you train?
BC: I train 5-6 hours daily in all disciplines with the world champion coaching staff at Evolve MMA. it doesn’t get better than that. My training partners and coaches push me hard and focus on improving my weakness and developing my strengths.
Brian Choi next faces Bae Young Kwon at Road FC in Korea