Wednesday, October 12, 2011

If Nick Diaz Wins at UFC 137, Dana White is Prepared to Give Him a Title Shot

There’s something to be said for personality in MMA.
Every fighter has their own demeanor and attitude when it comes to things like pre-fight media, interviews, and approach to dealing with their opponents as show time gets closer and closer.
Nick Diaz may be the most interesting character when it comes to personality in MMA. Always brash and never apologetic, Diaz has made a habit out of flipping off opponents and fans, talking trash inside the cage during a fight, and even a few tirades when appearing on media conference calls.
For all the things that Diaz has done in the past, the one thing he did recently by not showing up for a press conference was cost himself a shot at the UFC welterweight title. But now Diaz is set to appear on the same show, UFC 137, but will instead face former champion B.J. Penn with a potential title shot on the line.
UFC president Dana White says that after several conversations with Diaz that he now ‘gets it’ and he has no worry that the Stockton, Calif., native will show up and do all the required pre-fight work the UFC wants him to do.
Whether he shows up and sits in a chair for 30 minutes and doesn’t answer a single question, White just wants Diaz to show up and be himself.
“I don’t want him to not be Nick Diaz,” White said. “I just need him to show up to stuff like that.”
Despite past misgivings, White is also confident that if Diaz is successful against Penn that he could very well get the next crack at the UFC welterweight title against either Georges St-Pierre or Carlos Condit.
Check out what Dana White had to say about Nick Diaz and his shot at UFC gold:

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