Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fright Night at Hilton Hotel, Belfast October 30

Prokick’s Milly Murray of WKN Northern Ireland promotes the next muay thai kickboxing fight sensation in Belfast on October 30 in Hilton Hotel.

kick boxing belfast


Northern Ireland vs The Netherlands
K1 Style Kickboxing Rules – 69kg – 3×2 Minute Rounds
Johnny Smith (ProKick NI) Vs Aberzak Hasan (Tony Haberland Gym)
K1 Style style Kickboxing Rules – 68kg – 3×2 Minute Rounds
Karl McBlain (ProKick NI) Vs Robin Venken (Tony Haberland Gym)
K1 Style or Low-Kick Kickboxing Rules – 58kg Female – 3×2 Minute Rounds
Urusla Agnew (ProKick NI) Vs Soundes Arif (Tony Haberland)
Northern Ireland vs France
K1 Style Kickboxing Rules – 88kg – 3×2 Minute Rounds
Peter Rusk (ProKick NI) Vs Franck Langlasse (France)
K1 Style Kickboxing or Full-Contact Rules – 77kg – 3×2 Minute Rounds
Darren McMullan (ProKick NI) Vs Alan Castejon (France)

United Kingdom Fights
K1 Style Rules – 66kg – 4×2 Minute Rounds
Gary Fullerton (ProKick NI) Vs Chris Coyle (Donegal Black Dragon)
Low-Kick or K1 Style Kickboxing Rules – 67kg – 3×2 Minute Rounds
Davy Foster (ProKick NI) Vs TBA
K1 Style Kickboxing Rules – 105kg – 3×2 Minute Rounds
Paul Best (ProKick NI) Vs Kenneth Okungbowa (Wolfpack Kickboxing Athlone)
Full-Contact Kickboxing Rules – 76kg – 4×2 Minute Rounds
Ken Horan (Galway’s ProKick adopted Son) Vs Sean O’Neil ( WKA Waterford)

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