Saturday, October 29, 2011

Brian Cimins: Grappling Autism Launches: In-House Academy Tournament Fundraising Program to Help Desperate Families in Need

My nephew, Jonathan Cimins was born on April 16, 2003 as a seemingly healthy, beautiful blue eyed baby boy. At 18 months old, soon after his booster vaccination, his speech rapidly declined, his behaviors started becoming repetitive, spinning for hours, jumping for hours, making strange noises and even seriously injuring himself without fear, we were lost. Sadly, he's never been able to say, "Daddy, I love you," but his father, Paul Cimins NEVER gave up Hope.
Cimins' mastery in the Culinary Arts as a graduate of Culinary Institute of America and consulatations with DAN Doctors and Nutritional Experts propelled him to create the world renonwn, "Autism Spectrum Diet", voted "best tasting gluten free and cassein free recipes". He sought out international Autism experts and doctors, herbalists, phychiatrists, alternative biomedical treatments and most importantly, family crisis support groups throughout the World. The family support radio show, Hope Saves The Day is free on iTunes here:
There was very little information available, no health insurance support and no guidance or help for families who learned their child or children had Autism. There were no treatments or hope for many of these families. The Divorce rate amongst parents of Autistic Children is 75%. With one in 91 boys being diagnosed with Autism, now is more important than ever to help raise funds to directly support families. Other Autism organizations boast "awareness" campaigns, but lack in the true families that need their help the most.
Paul Cimins and the entire family is on a QUEST to help cure and treat Autism and help the families it can potentially devastate.


Grappling Autism was founded by Brian Cimins in 2007 to help raise funds for families with AutismRadio, a 5013c charitable organization you directly helps these families, most desperately in need of support, both emotionally and biomedically to help recover their child. Cimins is the President and Founder of Grapplers Quest currently donates $1 from every competitor worldwide directly to AutismRadio and with annual donations exceeding $10,000+ annually, still just helps ONE family per year, that's how expensive Autism can be to treat properly.
Autism Families desperately need our support.
Instructors, Family and Friends come up to up to us every tournament and say, "How Can I help?" - here's how:

Grappling Autism

In-House Tournament Fundraising Program to
Benefit to Help Desperate Families in Need.
Your $250 Direct School Donation includes:
- Tournament Bracketing Software ($50 value)
- 1 Flipper Scoreboard ($35 value)
- Referee Wristbands ($10 value)
- One Set of Competitor Ankle ($10 value)
- Guide How to Run an In-House Tournament
- Guide How to Plan and Market Your Event
- Guide How to Teach your Youth Students and their Families the Values of Charity
- How to get AMAZING local and national Press (PR) from supporting Autism
- Interview on Hope Saves The Day on AutismRadio (30,000 weekly listeners)
- News Promotion on
- News Promotion on
Your SCHOOL Fundraising Goal is LIMITLESS - here's an example:
To Raise $2,500+ per event for GRAPPLING AUTISM (AutismRadio, 501c3)
You would need 50 competitors at $50 each = $2,500 + your $250 Team donation
=== $2,750 will go direct to a Family with Autism
Note: Your School will pay for 3 months of biomedical treatment in Hyperbaric Chamber for one Autistic Child, proven to assist with increasing bloodflow to the brain, improving cognitive, speech and sleep. Your academy fundraising campaign can help change a family's life forever.
Sign your academy up today, get everything you need to host the event, great Press with local newspapers plus you'll be Helping Families Directly and teach your students CHARITY, go to:
Stand out in your local area as the
Martial Arts Academy who supports
Children and Families with Autism.
Get Amazing Local Press, National PR